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You need to know what is wrong with your car and how much it is going to cost to repair.

Get your car's diagnostic report from Spark Digital Garage. We will reveal what your car is saying in the hidden computer codes and send you a PDF of the result. It's convenient and we come to your location and will connect directly to your car's computer systems. Based on the result we'll tell you what it should cost to fix.

Our technicians perform comprehensive computer diagnostics checks for your Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, Audi, Lexus or Toyota. You will have access to the same information as the mechanics. Know Before You Go. Schedule your check today!

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"I like cars and I don't like getting ripped off by the dealership service center. The prices they charge here in Doha are astronomical even with a 25% discount. This computer report tells me exactly what is wrong and I can order the parts and find a mechanic who can do the repairs for me."


"My Mercedes was running very rough. I was afraid to take it to Mercedes because it would cost a fortune. So I ordered a diagnostic report.  It said there was a misfire problem in cylinder 1. I was able to get a new spark plug wire for that specific cylinder and fixed it."



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This is What Car Service Centers Don't Want You To Know.

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